The MandelSpawn Home Page

MandelSpawn is a network Mandelbrot program with an X11 user interface. It displays images of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets, calculated by parallel processing among a number of machines on a network. It runs under most versions of Unix.

MandelSpawn was written in 1989, and it has not been actively maintained since 1993. Thanks to Moore's Law, parallel processing is no longer needed to calculate Mandelbrot sets at a decent speed; even in 1997, a single Pentium PC could already calculate Mandelbrots as fast as a dozen Sun workstations did in 1989.

The most recent version is 0.07pl2 (from August 1997), which is available for HTTP download right here.

The name MandelSpawn is pronounced exactly like the Swedish word "mandelspån", which means "almond flakes".

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